Nyjah Huston Sends It In Gleaming Rolls Royce Phantom

Team U.S.A.‘s Nyjah Huston is elevating the spot-hunting game once again in episode 12 of his world-famous ‘Send Saturdays’ series. He recently rolled up to the spot in Santa Monica in a gleaming Rolls Royce Phantom (MSRP $450,000), further cementing his status as one of the world’s most successful pros. With Dominick Walker, David Loy, and Edgar Barrera in tow, Huston is redefining what a casual skate mission looks like in 2020. Thank God for ‘Jah.

Every day is Saturday for Huston. Check out some of his extensive history with The Berrics—he’s worked on over 100 projects with us—below.

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