Nyjah Huston Takes The Crew To UCLA In ‘Send Saturday’

Team U.S.A.‘s Nyjah Huston invites you to tag along on another characteristically action-packed episode of “Send Saturday,” featuring David Loy, Dominick Walker, Sinner, and more “piles” skating the UCLA campus. Every “Send Saturday” feels like a sesh with the homies, and we get a little the added benefit of seeing Huston’s process of getting clips, up close and personal, which seems way more relaxed than you’d ever expect.

And no ‘Send Saturday’ would be complete without a visit from the police. Huston had a couple of widely publicized brushes with the law earlier this year—hey, if being the greatest pro of his generation is a crime, then you’d better lock Huston’s ass up.

Every day is Saturday for Huston. Check out some of his extensive history with The Berrics—he’s worked on over 100 projects with us—below.

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