Nyjah Huston won his ninth X Games gold (and second since his July 22 X Games Minneapolis win) in Sydney last weekend. He would have taken top honors based on the strength of his first run alone, but he one-upped himself with this completely flawless third run.

Just consider this: Huston is only 23 years old and he’s already achieved not only more competitive success than arguably any street skater before him, but also some of the most incredible parts—along with numerous NBDs—ever seen. (His most recent part, "Til Death" by Nike SB, shot past 4 million views in a matter of months.) It’s kind of a foregone conclusion that he will be participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Duh.

But that’s all stats and serious skate contest stuff. Homie also knows how to pump up the crowd—a skill that really can’t be tallied on any leaderboard. And if it’s true that smiling increases your enjoyment while skating, then it appears that Huston is on the verge of climax in the above run. Get it Nyjah!

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