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Oakley Profiles Eric Koston in “More Than A Skater”

In the ever-evolving world of skateboarding, few names shine as brightly as Eric Koston‘s. Renowned not only for his incredible career on a skateboard, but for his contributions to skate culture as a co-founder of The Berrics, Eric Koston has always been a trailblazer. Now, in Oakley’s ‘More Than A…’ series, we get an exclusive look at the man behind the legend. Step into Koston’s world and explore the intricacies of his daily life, focusing on the art of balance, not just on a skateboard but in all aspects of life.

Frosty shares insights into how he transfers the creativity and joy he finds in skateboarding into other areas of his life, showcasing that he’s much more than just a skater. He offers a glimpse into his daily juggling act, managing work, family life, warehouse responsibilities, maintaining his household, the thrill of skateboarding with friends he watched grow up, and his pivotal role in running The Berrics alongside co-founder Steve Berra. But you know what they say, all work and no play makes Frosty a dull boy. That’s why he frequently hits the golf course for a round or the beach to ride some waves. Skateboarding remains at the core of his identity, and he’s still out there pushing the limits, cherishing iconic proving ground spots.

Oakley’s ‘More Than a Skater’ series not only sheds light on Eric Koston’s multifaceted life but also serves as a reminder to embrace our differences and explore the beauty in being more than what meets the eye. Skateboarding’s living legend continues to evolve, inspiring us all to seek out the boundless possibilities in our own lives.

Watch Oakley’s ‘More Than A Skater’ with Eric Koston, above, and check out some work that we’ve done with Oakley, along with Eric’s epic “Off The Grid”, below!

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