Oakley Dives Into The Rich History Of Skateboarding In Japan

Oakley‘s latest video pays homage to Japan, post-Summer Games, a country that has had a profound influence on skateboarding. Even before there was talk of skateboarding’s debut in the Olympics, skaters in Japan were collectively—and individually (see radical nonconformist Gou Miyagi)—doing their thing, progressing like crazy. ‘Oakley Japan Skate’ interviews several major figures in the country’s scene for a little background: VHS Mag editor Masafumi Kajitani; FESN founder Takahiro Morita; WTAPS founder Tetsu Nishiyama; and photographer Nobuo Iseki, who famously shot many of Miyagi’s best-known tricks, all clue you in to their personal history of skating in Japan. Check it out, above!

Watch some of our projects with Oakley over the years, below:

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