Enter OC Ramps’ Holiday Video Contest To Win a Miniramp

Enter OC Ramps' Holiday Video Contest To Win a Miniramp

The Berrics premiered OC Ramps’ miniramp opus, ‘The Equation,’ this morning featuring Cody McEntire and Dave Bachinsky‘s miniramp mastery. The OC Ramps production is just the latest in a long line of innovative projects from the ramp design firm, and to celebrate the release they are running a contest for skaters to showcase their own lip tricks! For this latest holiday giveaway, the brand asks you to recreate three of your favorite tricks from ‘The Equation’ (watch it below) or submit up to one minute of miniramp/park clips. The Grand Prize winner—decided by Bachinsky and McEntire—will be given the choice of $1,500 cash or an OC Ramps miniramp (valued up to $2,500). The contest will run until Monday, November 30. See full details at the OC Ramps site, and then get your pump on!

OC Ramps has built the obstacles for TJ Rogers’s 2019 Battle Commander, our 2013 Kenzo Kalifornia bag release party, and many more events over the years. Watch ‘The Equation’ and the making-of at Billionaire Beach, below:

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