Old Friendsthe brand started by old friends Walker Ryan and Chris Collins—recently sampled the heat down Arizona way with Kader Sylla, Andrew Scott, Tucker Babchuck, Sebo Walker, Ryan, Kyle Brown, and Lefty (above right). Full-length IS coming soon.

Check out our 2016 Trajectory on the brand for more info. Here’s a little background on Old Friends from our Next New Wave series:

“In order for skateboarding to succeed far into the future, The Next New Wave needs brands capable of supporting the growing horizon of skateboarding. Thanks to the vision of Chris Collins and Walker Ryan, Old Friends is free from the restrictions of fitting a certain mold. That’s what makes Old Friends such a viable part of The Next New Wave: their stance behind a brand adept in providing a platform for people to collaborate on creative projects, while producing great skating and authentic products. After all, skateboarding isn’t meant to be enjoyed alone, it’s meant to be shared and it’s meant to grow; that’s how The Berrics began and that’s how each of us don’t just fall in love with skating, but keep falling in love with skating.

“Thanks to Walker and his old friends, more people around the world are going to fall in love with not just riding their skateboard, but producing zines, creating their own boards, sharing their stories and establishing creative relationships. And you know what? That’s exactly how skateboarding thrives, because skateboarding gives all of us our greatest friends and our oldest friends, and thus, The Next New Wave will undoubtedly be a stronger, more connected skateboarding culture. It’s all thanks to people like Walker and his Napa homies, and the Trajectory established by new brands like Old Friends.”

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