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The pages of issue #134 of The Skateboard Mag hold a collection; a visual anthology scribbled in the margins of the calendar on December 7, 2014—the seventh birthday of The Berrics. Every photograph included was shot within that 24-hour period. It was day for celebration, of course, but also a day of recognition: All kinds of skateboarding is taking place all over the world all the time.

We enlisted 34 photographers and assigned them the task of capturing all the skateboarding within their arm’s reach for a day—pro, am, male, female, old, young, east, west, it didn’t matter—and we’d present their efforts as set as wide and diverse as all of our culture, but also an incomplete one … the missing quantity being the moments that you, I, and certainly hundreds of thousands of others enjoyed on-board that day.

This document will serve as a forever-and-ever reminder that as widespread as we think our active art form is, there’s always someone else, somewhere else, and something else we don’t know, and it’s the pursuit of skateboarding on any day that binds us tightly to this 24-hour epoch, and many more unknown times to come.

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