The Olympic Channel - Osaka Daggers and Chopper

In a couple of years, skateboarding history will be made in Tokyo, Japan. But, just a couple hundred miles to the west, the Osaka Daggers are already rewriting the rules to our “sport.” And when it comes to the Daggers, you naturally think of Chopper—the dude who never fails to surprise with his wild antics in and around Osaka’s Triangle Park.

The Olympic Channel hooked up with Chopper and his imaginative crew, and the artist Haroshi), for its “Going Olympic” series. Episode 2, "Explore The Roots Of Skateboarding With The Osaka Daggers," covers all the bases and clues you into a unique scene that hasn’t really gotten the deep documentary-style treatment yet. (The above link will direct you to the English-captioned version of the episode, but there are 10 more closed captioned language options to choose from as well.) This piece is well worth a watch just for new and interesting trick ideas alone.

Oh, and stay tuned for our own project with Chopper and the Daggers… wink wink.

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