OTHERNESS — Street Canoe Interview

OTHERNESS -- Street Canoe Interview

A year ago, Marc Johnson and Chocolate skateboards parted ways. Several months after, Marc began teasing a new project called Otherness. Up until now, very little has been revealed about this new brand. Street Canoe sat down with Thom Hornung and Mat O’Brien for an interview that connects the dots on how it started and who’s on the team, which consists of Hornung, MJ, Barker Barrett, Shannon May, and Tony Cox.

“The name came to Marc in a dream. It has a very vague or abstract meaning, which is perfect. Without pointing fingers at something and saying, ‘It’s not that.’ That’s exactly what it says. It’s not anything except for itself. It’s just some otherness.”

Head over to Street Canoe to learn more about this new project.

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