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The Brazilian based skateboarding footwear brand Öus has released their highly anticipated full-length video, “Autodidatas.” The video title translates to “Self-taught,” which is how most of us have come to learn to ride the wonderful piece of wood we call a skateboard. While the Brazilians school of skateboarding might look a little rougher than the pristine schoolyard spots we’re used to in Southern California, the Öus team graduates with honors in the 30-minute thrill ride with some fresh and familiar faces like Filipe Ortiz, Carlos Iqui, Rafael Gomes, Isabelly Avila, Patrick Vidal, Gian Naccarato, Dwayne Fagundes, Italo Penarrubia, Rafael Eduardo, João Gabriel Jobim, John Anderson, Eduarda Oliveira, William Oliveira and Wellington Zilotti.

Watch Autodidatas, directed by Felipe Espíndola, above!

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