Palace Nails High Profile Elton John Collaboration

Palace has finally answered the age-old question, “Should I get a skateboard with a photo of Elton John on the bottom?” The U.K.-based brand has unveiled its all-new collab with the legend Elton John, and the collection 100% nails the opportunity (which is no surprise to fans of Palace’s past collabs like Polo and Happy Mondays). Releasing Friday (shouldn’t it have been Saturday instead?) at the Palace webstore and most retail locations, the capsule includes a blue velour tracksuit, a knitted sweater, short and long-sleeve T-shirts, a deck, and a rug. But, rather than just lazily grab a photo of the icon and plaster it on various and sundry products, Palace adds a twist by cleverly incorporating the Palace logo and creating some that John (nee Reginald Dwight) can be proud of: “My face on a skateboard—I never thought that would happen.”

Now that this legend has a banging collab, you’ve gotta ask yourself… “Why hasn’t Elton John been used in more skate video soundtracks?” His catalog is unmatched, and some of those beats are ripe for the picking. Give Gang Starr a rest and try using ‘Get Back Honky Cat’ on the timeline.

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