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Palace Premieres ‘Beta Blockers’ Full-Length

London based brand Palace has dropped their first full-length video since the release of “BEYOND THE 3rd WAVE” almost 2 years ago. With several additions to the team since then, Beta Blockers keeps the infamous aesthetic Palace is known for while giving some fresh faces time to shine (We’re looking at you Ville Wester). Watch ‘BETA BLOCKERS,’ featuring Jahmir Brown, Ville Wester, Pedro Attenborough, Lucas Puig, Jamal Smith, Heitor Da Silva, Kyle Wilson, Jake Snelling, Danny Brady, Nick Jensen, Benny Fairfax, Juan Saavedra, Karim Ian Bakhtaoui, Stuart Hammond, Shinya Masuda, Savannah Keenan, Lucien Clark, Rory Milanes, Kanin Garner, Charlie Birch, Shawn Powers, Billy Rohan and Chewy Cannon, above!

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