Pat Ngoho Gets Into The Groove In Latest Indy Video

Pat Ngoho has been riding Independent trucks since 1979. And, at 57 years old, that means he’s been grinding on them for most of his life. (Just let that sink in.) In the brand’s latest episode of ‘My Indys,’ Ngoho gets deep into the groove and expresses how satisfying it is to leave a deep indentation in his 149 trucks. If you’re trying to unlock the secrets of locking in, then this is the video for you.

“I ride my trucks deep into the axle. I like the groove; I like the way they feel.”

Ngoho says that he only changes out his trucks when he puts a totally new setup together, which—for a bowl rider—could be few and far between. We love this sort of counterintuitive advertising: You’d think a company would encourage you to dispose of your trucks as soon as they wear down, but Independent wants you to keep going with the same ol’ pair until they’re completely disintegrated. We picture Independent’s home office customer service line, collecting cobwebs, with one employee sitting at a desk waiting for calls (Maytag repairman-style) and bored out their mind. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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