Patti People’s ‘This Way’ Takes An All-Girl Crew Way Out West

Patti People—”the bureau of unconventional”premiered the second film in their This Way series on YouTube yesterday, and while the first film was an Eastern block of good times, the latest piece instead says “Go west, young women.” Nora Vasconcellos leads a posse which includes Laura Enever, Jaleesa Vincent, Shanae Collins, Frankie Harrer, Stephanie Gilmore, Nicole Hause, and Jordyn Barratt, skating and surfing from Texas to Cali, this is almost the all-girl version of Video Days (if you substitute an old ’70s hooptie for a ‘94 limousine). All told, 1355 miles and four states were covered for this film, directed by Scott Wynn.

Vasconcellos, also known as “The Purple One,” has been a friend of The Berrics for a while. In fact, she’s so dedicated to filming her clips that she once filmed for a week here in 2014—sleeping on our couch every night and kickflip back-disastering every day. Watch some of her recent projects below:

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