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Paul Kobriger, formerly the Marketing Director for Transworld Skateboarding, has made the tough call to put his original artwork up for sale. He announced the decision via a post on his Instagram yesterday.

Kobriger is a master of photorealistic ballpoint pen portraits. His flawless artwork highlights icons in the worlds of skateboard and rock n’ roll culture, using reference photos to get every detail just right. Even the most discerning eye would be hardpressed to distinguish the original photo from Kobriger’s hand-drawn facsimile.

The six 11×17 works feature skaters Lance Mountain, Mark Gonzales, Matt Hensley, Rodney Mullen, Tommy Guerrero, and Ray Barbee. Here’s Kobriger’s caption from the above post:

“In light of my current situation—newly unemployed with 5 hungry mouths to feed—I’m offering for the first time to sell these original ballpoint pen drawings. They’re all 11×17 inches and each took around 150 hours to complete. 100% regular old Bic ballpoint pen. I’d love to also include a handmade custom frame for a negotiated added cost. Please scroll and zoom in for details. DM me if interested, or if you know someone that might be, please tag them! Thanks y’all. (Thank you to the photographers for the reference photos.)”

Kobriger also sells prints of his work at his webstore. Check them out and marvel at this dude’s amazing skill.

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