Paul Rodriguez & Mikey Taylor Are Investing In The Youth This Weekend

Mikey Taylor‘s Commune Capital is all about showing you how to take charge of your income and make steps towards being independently wealthy (or at least not as poor… well, maybe just part-time poor). With that in mind, giving back to the community is totally on brand for his venture. In the above video, he and P-Rod reminisce over the good times they’ve shared in Long Beach and give you some background about an event Commune is putting on  Saturday in Long Beach highlighting some local artists, with music, food, refreshments, and some good times.

All the proceeds from the event will be donated to Woodrow Wilson High School’s art program. That’s this Saturday, November 9, from 6-10pm at:

Polymer_ HQ

1565 Magnolia Ave.

Long Beach 90813

It’s rad to see Taylor put on his mentor hat. We’ve known him for so damn long, we sometimes forget how much he’s accomplished. Not to mention the fact that he’s worked on over 100 projects with us in the past eleven years! Check out a small portion of these videos below (Love ya Mikey!):

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