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Paul Rodriguez Reviews his Transworld “In Bloom” Video Part

Paul Rodriguez has been breaking down his past video parts for The Nine Club‘s “More Nine Club” YouTube Channel lately and this weekend he added another one to the mix. Exactly 20 years after Transworld “In Bloom” video premiered, Paul gives us a glimpse of what it was like to film for the iconic video from the styles he was exploring, sessioning with Dustin Dollin, alternate tricks he wanted to try for the part, feuding with Ryan Denman about switch 360 flipping a double set in Reno, the first time meeting Leo Romero, stories from the premiere of the video, and how much it meant to him to have Eric Koston narrate his intro to the part.

Watch for all of this and more in the full review of the part, above, and make sure to subscribe to The Nine Club‘s “More Nine Club” YouTube Channel for more part break downs in the future!

P-Rod has been a regular at The Berrics since the beginning. From Battle Commanders, It Must Be Nice, Ambidextrous, to BATB champ, and Run & Gun champ, P-rod has set the standard for high quality skating at The Berrics. Take a look at some of his projects with us, below:


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