Paul Rodriguez Teases (Potential) Primitive Full-Length


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Primitive Skateboarding, the brand with one of the most overwhelmingly elite teams in history, has been dropping unbelievably evolved edits all year long—both team megamixes like the “Testing” series and pro parts for its riders Carlos Ribeiro, Robert Neal, and JB Gillet. And the quality of every video has been stellar, with top-notch filming and editing by former Berrics filmer Alan Hannon responsible for the vibe. This phenomenal output is even more impressive considering that in Summer 2018 the brand released its full-length Never, an astounding collection of footage that had us thinking, “Where do these skaters even find the time?!”

Yesterday, Primitive head honcho Paul Rodriguez hinted at another full-length on Instagram, with a short teaser displaying only the date 11-17-19 and an emoji of a VHS tape. Assuming that P-Rod isn’t trying to promote National Unfriend Day, the chances are good that we’re looking at another Never. Now, we’ve always been told to never say never, but now we’re gonna have to say never say never again (props to 007). In 20 days we’ll find out for sure.

More importantly, P-Rod has been on his board again after knee rehabilitation (he’s had a few clips in recent Primitive rider parts) so we have more footage from the god to look forward to as well.

Check out some of The Berrics’ exclusive projects with Primitive, dating back to the brand’s inception, below:

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