Watch Pedro Delfino Skate Vert At Woodward

Deathwish’s Pedro Delfino was recently a VIP at Woodward’s Pennsylvania skate camp, and he showed the campers the true meaning of ‘ATV’ (the V stands for Vert). You may know Delfino from his many mind-boggling clips and photos where he finds possibly the least possible spot to skate, and then proceeds to skate it. But did you know that Fabiana’s brother skates vert, too? He demonstrates some VIP-level inverts, indy airs, and madonnas for this year’s campers in the above edit. Skate everything. (And… when is ‘Mano a Mano’ coming back? That shit was tight.)

Baker and Deathwish have been part of The Berrics’ story since before the website was even live (see The Berrics First Video here). Check out a handful of our projects with the brands, below:

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