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Watch The New PEMDAS Video ‘Idiot Tendencies’ Here

PEMDAS, who you might remember from the ‘Please Excuse My Dope Ass Skateboard’ and ‘4 Fuck’s Sake’ videos from earlier this year, have just released a new one. ‘Idiot Tendencies’ is a video by Nick Lajoie featuring Troy Mavrogeorge, Ethan Bisson, Josh Littlefield, Joey Tworkowski, Lajoie, Chaz Munroe, Maximillian Buddy Burger, Jack Danger Brotherton, Griffin Connor, Julian Glasser, Kyle Sawicki, Andrew Andersen, Crince Buchanan, Molly Turner, Charlie Lewis, Miles Zarick, Brendan Adams, Cole Doherty-Crestin, Noe Horiwaki, Angus Gill, and Mikey Sheehan. Check it out, above!

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