‘People’ Profiles Brandon Turner’s Healthy Life Recovery Skate Program

Brandon Turner’s recent ‘Wheelhouse’ episode

Brandon Turner did the unthinkable last year when he returned to the Wallenberg Big 4 in San Francisco to claim a trick that had been on his mind for twenty years: the switch hardflip. Turner, 39, credits clean, mindful, drug-free living and a healthy diet for this victorious stomper at one of the world’s most intimidating spots; mainstream mag People recently picked his brain about sobriety and the amazing work he does motivating others to stay clean. As the Activities Director at Healthy Life Recovery rehab in San Diego, he leads skate lessons for locals coping with alcohol dependence and drug addiction.

Turner is uniquely qualified for this role (see switch hardflip, Wallenberg) and he approaches it with an enormous amount of empathy. ”There’s almost nothing that I haven’t experienced in that world, so I can relate to them,” he says. “What you feel a connection to is relatability, and in this world of people who are suffering through the same things that I do, it’s a no-brainer, you know?” Turner is a fucking G.

Read the full profile at the People mag site, here.

We’ve worked with Turner and his longtime sponsor Sk8mafia since, essentially, the beginning. Check out a handful of our projects with the brand—including the 2016 Sk8mafia featuring Turner’s crazy Encinitas taildrop, below:

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