Take a Deep Dive Into The World Of Fingerboarding

Take a Deep Dive Into The World Of Fingerboarding

The writer’s actual fingerboarding hand.

Fingerboarders are sometimes perceived as different than skateboarders (by skateboarders), but that just isn’t the case. Many fingerboarders have deep roots in actual, physical skating and you could argue that the fingerboarding itself is just as skillful as skating. You could say that fingerboarders put their pants just like the rest of us: one finger at a time.

In a recent article in the Outline blog, writer Peter Holslin explores his own connection to fingerboarding, and how his current fixation on the digital sport evolved from his time as a skateboarder. This longform piece does a great job of documenting his “hands-on” journey—from a bare-knuckle neophyte to a seasoned slapper—and actually gives some insight into how fingerboarding his grown into a phenomenon. With a skateboarder’s mindset, Holslin analyzes his obsession and his soul-searching will seem familiar to many of you: “There’s something truly satisfying about having a tiny skateboard rolling beneath my fingers.” Give the boy a hand! Read the full article at Outline here.

The Berrics believes that, like most enjoyable pastimes, it’s all in the wrist. We partnered with Sorry For Fingerboarding for a series of fingerboard edits last year (check them out below), and we also produced a limited quantity of Berrics x Sorry For Fingerboarding finger decks; we still have a few available here!

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