Sign The Petition To Save Oregon’s Blackwell DIY Here

Southern Oregon’s Blackwell DIY—a spot between Medford and Gold Hill—is in danger of being torn down, but you can help keep it alive. Erected on a bike path, this labor of love has a much-needed roof which provides shelter from the rain (we all know that the sun is considered a UFO in the the Beaver State), but like any skatespot there are serious insurance liability concerns. To convince local city officials of the DIY’s legitimacy, the builders behind the spot have started a petition at After just three weeks, there are already well over 12,000 signatures. Help Blackwell get to 15,000 by signing here.

Read what the organizers had to say about the project, below:

The Blackwell DIY Skatepark was started by a group of skateboarders in the community when they saw a need for more places to skate in Southern Oregon. What used to be just empty space and gravel in a tunnel on the bike path slowly evolved into a skate spot with unique features not seen in any of the other parks in the area.
Families have been bringing their kids down to learn how to skate, and the neighbors have been nothing but ecstatic about this positive contribution to the community. People who haven’t picked up a skateboard in years are getting back on their boards because of how excited they are about the spot. The increase in traffic to the area also brings business to the market across the street from the skatepark as well as other local businesses.

We have been in contact with ODOT (Oregon District of Transportation) for about a month now as they own the bridge above the bike path, they are just as excited about the project as we are but we have run into some liability issues that we are attempting to work out with local city officials. We will be attending city meetings and talking to Parks & Rec in hopes that with enough signatures and support from the community we will get to save the Blackwell DIY!

Here at The Berrics, we’re no strangers to DIY builds (hell, we’re the epitome of Do-It-Yourself). Watch a handful of our videos featuring some of the best that low key, renegade building efforts have to offer:

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