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Watch Highlights From The PhxAm 2022 Best Trick Contest Here

Arizona’s Cowtown skateshop held its live PHXAM 2022 event last month and Creature’s Jhancarlos Gonzalez rolled away with the win. Every year after Finals, anyone that entered PHXAM is welcome to skate the ‘Best Trick’ contest. This year’s set up was a little different. Instead of one big obstacle, it was held in four different sections. With one winner in each section getting $1000, it was chaotic to say the least. Extra special too because Vans matched the $4000 prize purse in donation to The Cowtown S.K.A.T.E. nonprofit organization.

Here are the winners: Keyhole Wall, Liam Pace, Indy 540. Rainbow Rail, Kieran Woolley, “Double Trouble”; Double Set Rail, Braden Hoban, Kickflip Gap to Crook; Double Set, Braden Hoban, Kickflip Late Shuv.

Skating in order: Nick Papa, Jake Yanko, Kieran Woolley, Liam Pace, Piero Rosero, Jonathan Henderson, Alex Willms, Jhancarlos Gonzalez, Austin Salzman, Arthur Cordova, Deon Harris & Braden Hoban.

The Berrics covered PHXAM in 2018, with Ivan Monteiro taking top honors at Desert West Skatepark. Check out our recap, below:

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