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Place Presents Noam Or’s Part in Gustaf Johansson’s “ASSIST”

Place Skateboard Culture presents Noam Or‘s phenomenal part from Gustaf Johansson‘s full-length video, “ASSIST.” Noam cruises smoothly through the streets Stockholm hitting spot after spot with a killer soundtrack in Gustaf’s latest video offering. Noam’s part is only the beginning of the full-length ASSIST video with the full video expected to be released soon! Check out the full video and the interview with video creator, Gustaf, on!

“I’m super thankful for all the hard work the guys put in, both in front and behind the camera and this wouldn’t have happened without them. Also big thanks to Noam who mixed the sound for the whole video making sure it sounded crisp, Ari Bald for the music in Jonathan and Alexander’s part and to Alexander Djuvfeldt who made the artwork.” – Gustaf Johansson

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