‘Place’ Premieres Tom Botwid’s Slappy-Heavy Film Trucks Part

Jeremie Daclin‘s company, Film Trucks, is synonymous with slappys and the brand’s latest video release—a part by Sweden’s Tom Botwid—is firmly within the “no ollie zone.” If you want your shoes to last longer, this is the fun way to do it. Watch the edit, above, and congrats on the pro truck!

Film’s really been rolling since its debut as probably Europe’s only truck brand a few years ago—the brand’s previous videos, ‘Colorway’ and ‘Nouvelle Vague’, ‘Flamant Rose’, and the brand’s first full-length ‘Premiere Amour’ have been grinding out at a fast pace—and they’re still pumping out director’s cuts on a regular basis. This brand really lives up to its name. If there’s anything on the cutting room floor, we want to see it!

The Berrics have been known to dabble in the art of the slappy over the years. Watch some of our low-pro projects below:

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