‘Place’ Magazine Premieres Wesley Banford’s ‘Holo’ Video

Place magazine premiered a real gem today by 25-year-old Wesley Banford, a San Diego-based filmer/videographer. The video, ‘Holo’, has heavy ‘Everything Ships From The Warehouse’ vibes, featuring Jake Hofmann, Logan Bonner, and Evan Gange, with guest clips from Izzie Panasci, Aaron Yant, Alex Tennison, Cyprus Blanco, Curran Stagg, Duncan Byrnes, Justin Drysen, Nick Hall, Guy Azulay, Leo Cienfuegos, Nick Michel, Devin Ballard, Wade Berner, Mel Prak, Justice Lora, and Noah Fayyazuddin. There’s some amazing skating in here (an out-ledge noseslide bigger-spin out has been on repeat here at the office) and some eye-pleasing video trickery, too.

Read about Banford’s process, some of his previous projects, and how Star Wars inspired ‘Holo’, in his interview at the Place site, here.

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