‘Pocket’ Spends a Day With Hugo Boserup In Copenhagen

Pocket magazine recently spent a day with Hugo Boserup, his wife Frankie Harrer, and daughter Yara in Copenhagen, Denmark, for its stellar ‘Followed’ video series. Filmed just a couple of days after he competed in CPH Open, they skated Faelledparken, took the metro to Sidewalk skateshop, hit some more parks, and talk about all sorts of shit: Moving to Los Angeles; dad life with a pro surfer spouse; building skateparks, and eventually skateboarding for a living; and his involvement with Limosine. Watch the video—which also features Hjalte Halberg, David Stenström, Nick Boserio, Jack O’Grady, Thomas Madsen, and Gabriel Vazquez—above. Filmed by Johannes Schön, and edited by Bennet Rahm.

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