‘Pocket’ Releases Hyun Kummer Raw Footage

Germany’s Hyun Kummer, better known as Versace Plug, is the definition of effortless. Every clip, right down to the most fast-paced, no-set-up lines (see his ‘Flytecc’ part at 1:33 for the perfect example of this), flows. But how does he adapt his style for a spot that’s more closely associated with someone like, say, Aaron Homoki or Josh Kasper? Answer: Very smoothly.

Pocket magazine does you a solid this morning with its latest video, which features the Plugmeister pluggin’ away at a Seattle, Washington death drop (conveniently at the front door of health insurance broker Benecorp). This footage is incredible and not what you’d expect—Hyun looks less like a hammer pounding a nail, and more like a leaf delicately gliding to the ground. And if you’ve never had the pleasure of skating a typical Seattle spot paved in the 20th century you’d know that every square inch of landing area is like a mini-spot in itself, with its own micro stair-sets and teeny-tiny two-story buildings. Rolling on that cement on anything harder than 95a urethane is a heart-pounding adventure; slamming on it is heartbreakingly painful. And, according to Pocket, he got this clip while nursing a bruised heel.

We got a front-row seat for that Versace Plug magic in 2018 for his round 1 battle versus Kevin White in Battle At The Berrics 11. (Hyun was on Mike Mo Capaldi’s team and, in his pre-game interview with Chris Roberts, his strategy was to actually LOSE the ro-sham-bo… interesting.) Revisit those videos, below:

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