‘Pocket’ Magazine Hangs Out With Chris Pfanner In ‘Followed’

Vans’ Europe team manager Chris Pfanner has developed a reputation for an aggressive, larger-than-life style of skateboarding, but it turns out that—although he’s predisposed to fly a backside 180 during a hillbomb mach-speed into oncoming traffic—he’s also the kind of person who just likes to cuddle with a bunny rabbit now and then. Pocket magazine takes you into Pfanner’s world for a day as he shares some of the things that mean the most to him, all while he gives you some context on how his pro career evolved into the role of a van dad—and real dad. On being a TM, Pfanner says it’s basically skating with your friends, but “the advantage is you can just take them to the spots you want to skate.” This guy’s got it all figured out.

Watch Pocket‘s ‘Followed’, filmed and edited by Bennet Rahm, above… and check out our selection of Vans gear in The Canteen here.

Five years ago we produced the Vans documentary to end all Vans documentaries with our 5-part EST series. Watch it below!

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