‘Pocket’ Magazine Spends The Day With Thaynan Costa In Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal’s Thaynan Costa has got it all figured out. In Pocket‘s latest episode of its excellent day-in-the-life ‘Followed’ series (filmed by Daniel Galli and edited by Bennet Rahm), you see Costa on the coast, starting his day with his own meditative ocean view, filling up a sketchbook with whatever comes to mind. (He may be the only one who can tell that his elephant doodle is an elephant, but he says, “I think that’s a good thing.”) And, of course, lots of skating in the city’s picturesque center.

Costa has been getting a lot of exposure over the past 5 0r 6 years for his loosey-goosey style—he turned pro for Enjoi in 2017—and if you thought his approach was casual before, wait until you see him here. It seems wrong to call Costa’s style “lazy,” but there’s something special about people who can make skating seem so unpremeditated—like he rolled out of bed and decided get some clips before breakfast. Thaynan Costa woke up like this.

The Berrics first starting working with Costa a few years ago. One of his projects was a Bangin’ in 2015 with an ender on the long block that perfectly sums up his approach. That obstacle has appeared in thousands of clips over the years, and has been skated by just as many people. It’s kind of sick that an up-and-coming Am from Portugal could visit The Berrics and leave his signature with just one trick. Sometimes an elephant is just an elephant. Watch a few of Costa’s Berrics videos, below:

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