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Pocket Releases Raw Edit of Chancla: Bangkok Video

Last month, Pocket Skate Mag premiered Chancla: Bangkok, a skate trip featuring 25 skaters, in 14 days, in 1 city, Bangkok, Thailand. Today, Pocket released the Rough Cut Raw Edit of the video, featuring Gabriel Summers, Carlos Iqui, Andrew Verde, Leo Favaro, Thierry Gormit, David Jakinda, JP Dantas, Jasper Dohrs, Hugo Blender, Andre Saide, Rafael Eduardo, Rodrigo Gonzales, Felipe de Carvalho, Dwayne Fagundes, Rafael Gomes and more. Take a deeper look into a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the streets of Thailand to explore the cities wonderful hospitality, the best food on every corner, and the mix of brilliant and rough exotic looking skate spots. Filmed by Bruno Dox, Felipe Humphreys, Rodrigo De Andrade, Julian Ed,

Check out the rough cut above, and watch the full Chancla: Bangkok edit from Pocket, below!

We’ve worked with Gabriel Summers and Carlos Iqui on several projects at The Berrics, take a look at some of them, below!

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