Pocket Premieres Torsten Frank’s ‘Reece And Anton’ Shared Part

Pocket magazine premiered the latest project from longtime Adidas filmer Torsten Frank, ‘Reece And Anton,’ this morning featuring Reece Knobloch and Anton Wessely. These two kids could only film their shared ‘Weekendz’ part on Saturdayz and Sundayz—hence the title—becauze zchool and zhit. Frank talks about how got to know Knobloch, and how the project took shape, in a recent Instagram post:

“I know Reece since he was a 9 years old kid skating vert. 2 years ago I saw him skating rookie of the year contest and I was impressed how fast and good he became so I asked him if he wants to skate for the Adidas German team. 1 year ago I took Reece on his first trip to Berlin and he really went in, never gave up battling for a trick and being such a humble thankful guy. This was the start for this part. From then on Reece hit me up every week if I have time to film with him on the weekend when I was in Stuttgart. Even if I had a hectic week working I was hyped to film on the weekend with him cause I saw how happy Reece was everytime he gets clips.

“A few weeks ago Reece came to Stuttgart to get a Heelflip BS Flip double set and almost broke his foot; that moment was one the worst slams I ever seen since I‘m filming. I was so happy when Reece texted me only 1 week later: ‘Hey Torsten let‘s continue filming for the part I‘m back.’”

Watch Frank’s energetic ‘Weekendz’ video, above, and start planning your Zaturday now.

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