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INTRODUCING POMONO CLOTHING — Socially Conscious Premium Underwear

Eight years ago, The Berrics connected with a group of lively teenage skaters in Brooklyn, NY. Among this group of go-getters was a future entrepreneur and would-be captain of the underwear industry. This “Brooklyn Boy,” Van Nguyen, has realized his longtime passion project—Pomono Clothing—a premium men’s undergarment brand with a “buy one give one” model benefiting homeless shelters.

This morning, Pomono introduced its “buy one give one” model for helping those less fortunate, while providing a direct to consumer model for premium men’s undergarments. Through its Kickstarter campaign, Pomono Basics is the premier undergarment brand for a socially conscious and affordable approach to premium men’s undergarments. 

pomono basics

Pomono sells direct, giving consumers a money-saving alternative to buying premium men’s undergarments. The New York City start-up is focused on making the purchasing of men’s undergarments an intuitive, seamless, and enjoyable experience, while keeping the cost of premium comfort accessible—not to mention socially impactful. 

The brand is dedicated to empowering its consumers as a force for good, by filling an essential request topping every major wish list for homeless shelters, non-profits and charities alike: clean undergarments. Underwear is the least donated—and thereby most requested—item at shelters, non-profits and charities. To help fulfill this overwhelming need, Pomono ensures for every pair of underwear sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. 

pomono basics

Founder Van Nguyen believes that everyone has the right to clean underwear. “There are over half a million people living without a home in the United States,” Van says. “On any given night these people are sleeping on the streets, in their cars or in homeless shelters. Of that number nearly 75,000 are reported to be living in New York City, making it the city with the highest rate of homelessness.”

In Pomono’s planning stages, Van considered all of the qualities that he wanted for the brand. Better prices? Extraordinary customer service? All of these are a solid foundation for any company, but Van knew that Pomono should be a force for good. 

“To help out anyone we can, when we can, where we can, and however we can,” Van says. “I want to help the city that has done so much for me. I want to make a difference in someone’s life, even if it is something as small as providing clean underwear.”

pomono basics

Back in the day, while working here at The Berrics, underwear was always a hot topic of conversation with Van. He was constantly showing us his underwear designs and asking, “Yo would you wear these?” Van craved whatever feedback he could get and incorporated our critiques into his continually evolving business plans. 

Pomono plans to start their buy-one give-one program in New York City, Nguyen’s hometown, expanding outward to the rest of the United States and beyond.

pomono basics

For now, the Kickstarter campaign only offers premium undergarments for men. Pomono promises to enter into the women and children category with premium market products when the infrastructure supports itself.

We are extremely proud of his work in building the Pomono brand. Van’s vision will no doubt change lives, please support Pomono by pledging the Kickstarter campaign today!

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