Populist 2014 Populist 2014

POPULIST 2014 — Louie Lopez

In 2014, something happened to Louie Lopez. He was no longer a little kid anymore, but a fuckin’ man! For a guy we all watched grow up on video, it can be tough to forget that kid image after his braces, beanie, and long hair were first seared into memory during Extremely Sorry. It happened, though. Louie finally reached his fighting weight, and skateboarding’s collective consciousness knows it. If his part in Flip’s video 3 is any indication—fast, cruise-y, and chock-full of grown-ass-man hammers—we’re stoked on the big Louie. And don’t forget about his solid Goosenectar part that he shared with friend and teammate, Alec Majerus, his super smooth 3rd place Run & Gun 2014 run, his King of the Road footage, his clips in the Cons Perros y Amigos tour edit, his 3rd place Dew Tour Street performance, and of course, all the other random footage he put out in The Berrics. Goddamn, that’s a heavy year.


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