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POPULIST 2014 — And The Nominees Are…

Look, you can’t do a best of the year award without letting the year actually end. But now that it’s over, here it is. Populist is that person who holds, or who cares about, the views of the people. Over the past 7 years, we’ve done our best to blur the line that exists between the top of the pyramid, the middle of it, and the bottom to create a bigger, more interesting, more interactive skateboard world that feels owned more by you guys, the people who keep us in business, than it does by us, the business. Which means, when it comes to deciding which pro had the biggest impact on skateboarding in 2014, we’re not going to force our opinions down your throats and throw our weight around like we’re the only ones who matter in this world – nope, you’re the ones who are going to get to vote and decide. 

That said, we’re very proud to present to you your 10 Populist nominees for 2014. No lists are perfect, but we’ve really tried to create a list of guys for you to vote on who we thought—and from what we’ve heard you talk about—had the most significant impact on skateboarding in 2014. You’ll notice that none of these nominees are on this list because of a single video part. They made this list because of everything they’ve done this past year, from other media award nominations and wins to magazine coverage to X-Games, Dew Tour, and Street League results. We want to recognize the whole of skateboarding, everything we can. That’s our goal. All week long, we’ll be showing you exactly why these 10 guys earned a spot on this list. Polls open this Saturday. Use your vote wisely. You only get one.

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