Populist 2014 Populist 2014

POPULIST 2014 — Nyjah Huston

Year after year, Nyjah Huston continues his steamrolling dominance on a skateboard. 2014 was no exception. He built his own skatepark, harnessed his skills even further, and shut down every major contest this year. He won Tampa Pro, took X Games Street gold in Austin (while also setting the record for most gold medals in X-Games Skateboard Street history), and then there’s Street League—oh Street League. Can you say, “flawless victory”? Yup, that’s what an undefeated season (and highest score of the year) looks like. In the streets, he shut down seriously gnarly rails and gaps like nothin’, which his Thrasher King of the Road awards for Best Handrail Trick and Gnarliest Handrail will attest to. Taking a close look at his Bangin on The Berrics earlier this year, with the new menu of tricks he was working on, it’s no surprise that he dominated. He made his cake and ate it, too. And that rowdy 20th birthday celebration of his … icing on the cake.



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