Populist 2014 Populist 2014

POPULIST 2014 — Trevor Colden

It can be hard for a rookie pro to prove himself, but Trevor rose to the occasion this year. With a wildly impressive welcome to Skate Mental part—and a Jason Hernandez-directed video filmed for the inaugural REDirect project that was not only seen by every skater on the planet but also broke through to a wider mainstream audience—he worked hard and quickly lost that “rookie” label. And if his video parts and cover/interview for The Skateboard Mag #129 weren’t enough, he also won his way into the Street League circuit at the SLS Pro Open, won the Run & Gun 2014 Best Trick Award with a mid-run halfcab crook 180, and last but not least, took silver in Dew Tour Street and gold in Dew Tour Streetstyle in the very same weekend in Brooklyn. Multiply all that with a healthy serving of footage filmed in The Berrics and you’re looking at an extremely solid year. Considering that Trevor famously bought himself out of his contract to ride for Skate Mental (baller moves), we definitely have a legend in the making.


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