Populist 2014 Populist 2014

POPULIST 2014 — Wes Kremer

To say 2014 was a good year for Wes Kremer is downplaying it just a little bit. He kicked the year off with a cover and interview for The Skateboard Mag issue #121, and from Lite in Latin America to the Defy Convention Asia Tour, he was the de facto MVP on every DC trip he went on. He released two amazing video parts that hit so hard the sound of thunder was heard around the world. First there was Crusty By Nature that showcased the shredding that this San Diego kid is capable of on all type of terrain; mixing 90s bank-to-ledge technical wizardry, just the right tranny moves, unparalleled gap dominance, and rail enders that had to be watched over and over. Then in November, another Wes part surfaced (shared with Tyler Surrey) called Pack Of Hydes that continued the hype of Crusty and helped to earn him Thrashers SOTY 2014. Oh, he also managed a silver medal in X Games Real Street, in case you didn’t know.


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