Populist 2016


Skateboarding had a hell of a leap year in 2016: 366 days of continually evolving skateboarding; it seemed like we needed an extra day just to absorb everything that happened.

Ask the average skater (if there is such a person) to list the ten best skaters this year and you’ll get a blank stare. How do you choose? It’s even more of a fool’s errand for us! How can The Berrics select only ten Populist contenders in a year that was full of surprises and consistency and progression? There are typically dozens more worthy choices every year, but check this out: we can’t really just throw everybody’s name in the hat. If we tried to please everyone and added every skater who knocked our socks off, what would that prove? It would just  seem like we didn’t even try very hard.

So we keep it to ten skaters every year. It’s a daunting task, yet we always look forward to it. Sifting through countless impressive parts and eyeball-rattling photo sequences, we’re able to piece together the year’s timeline of Populist—the award that’s given for a year of achievement. Who’s your favorite?

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