Next month, Stumptown Coffee Roasters will release Breaking the Crusta twenty minute short film showcasing their newly formed skate team. (Watch the trailer above.)

The skate team, and accompanying film, feature pros Elissa Steamer, Chet Childress, Silas Baxter Neal, and Nick Boserio—some of whom have been longtime Stumptown fans and customers. The brainchild of in-house creative producer, Tim Wenzel, the goal of the film is to showcase skate culture through professional skaters’ perspectives and to tap into each skater’s personality with interviews and skits throughout, giving a glimpse into a lesser known side of each team member.

To coincide with the team launch, Stumptown is releasing both a whole bean and cold brew offering that highlights a collaboration between Stumptown and a few choice skaters they admire. The beans were produced by El Jordan growers and sourced by longtime Stumptown partners (and a fellow B Corp) Caravela Coffee.The bag design was created by  Stumptown skate team member, Chet Childress. One dollar of every bag and can sold will be donated to skateboarding non-profits chosen by Stumptown employees.The coffee is a limited time offering celebrating Stumptown’s B Corp certification and is available now!

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