Powell-Peralta’s Andy Anderson Welcomes You Into His World(s)

Powell-Peralta‘s Andy Anderson is a truly one-of-a-kind pro, with an absurdly advanced awareness of his environment when he’s skating. In his latest project for the brand, ‘Seen Him’, he plays tour guide for the Zenga Bros in his hometown of White Rock, British Columbia, where—incidentally—it’s illegal to skate. (“But you just do it anyway,” Anderson says.) This is essentially a mini-doc with an impromptu part thrown in, and a healthy dose of Anderson’s musings on society and nature for good measure. A firm believer in talking to strangers, Anderson makes you feel as if you’ve known him forever.

As far as the skating in this video: wow. Have you ever seen an acid-drop kickflip? Well, we seen one in ‘Seen Him’. Anderson casually throws one down at the beginning of a line, then he talks you through his thought process for every trick that follows. His unique mind is almost as impressive as the athleticism, and we’re comforted by the fact that Anderson insists on wearing a helmet even while on a mundane trip to the corner store—a brain like his needs to be protected at all costs.

Watch a handful of this helmeted hellion’s projects with us below:

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