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Beginning in 1984, Powell-Peralta released a game-changing series of 6 videos featuring the “Bones Brigade.” By 1986, this dream team became the biggest global phenomenon that skateboarding had ever seen, and now you can experience the team’s humble beginnings by watching Future Primitive [1985], the company’s second official full-length on Powell-Peralta’s YouTube channel.

Powell-Peralta plans on releasing each of the Bones Brigade’s 6 videos on a weekly basis (last week, it uploaded the very first full-length, The Bones Brigade Video Show) both as full-length uploads and chapters. This is an idea that is not only educational (each of the Powell-Peralta videos are historically significant artifacts) but also entertaining as fuck. Younger generations may not realize that many of the tropes of contemporary skate videos are inspired by Stacy Peralta and company’s groundwork—skits, in particular, figure prominently in Future Primitive.

This video also stands out for the fact that it introduces Tommy Guerrero to the Bones Brigade with a stylish part filmed in his natural habitat (the Mission in SF). He’ll play a huge role in the company’s next video, The Search For Animal Chin… but more on that next week. ;) In the meantime, check out this cool homage that REAL did a couple of years ago:

The schedule of upcoming Powell-Peralta YouTube releases is below:

May 15 The Bones Brigade Video Show 
May 22 Future Primitive
June 19 The Search For Animal Chin
May 29 Ban This
June 5 Public Domain
June 12 Propaganda

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