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Beginning in 1984, Powell-Peralta released a game-changing series of 6 videos featuring the “Bones Brigade.” By 1986, this dream team became the biggest global phenomenon that skateboarding had ever seen, and now you can experience 1990’s Propaganda, the final Bones Brigade video, on Powell-Peralta’s YouTube channel.

Propaganda marked a turning point for the company. This final “Powell-Peralta” video featured some new names, some conspicuously absent names, and a focus toward street skating (Frankie Hill’s part is a must-watch). The following Powell video, Eight, would feature a whole new set of street skaters. (One of these new jacks, Pat Brennen, would die just 6 years later from injuries related to street racing.) Without Stacy Peralta’s involvement, though, the aesthetics of subsequent Powell videos would be wildly different from everything that came before it. Propaganda was the end of an era, but it did give a generation of skaters an advantage in spelling bees with its obscure title.

Powell-Peralta plans on releasing each of the Bones Brigade’s 6 videos—not including Axe Rated—on a weekly basis (last week, it uploaded the company’s fourth full-length Public Domain) both as full-length uploads and chapters. This is an idea that is not only educational (each of the Powell-Peralta videos are historically significant artifacts) but also entertaining as fuck. Younger generations may not realize that many of the tropes of contemporary skate videos are inspired by Stacy Peralta and company’s groundwork. (Peralta went on receive worldwide acclaim with the blockbuster documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys in 2001.)

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