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Powell-Peralta Premieres Noel Schärer’s ‘Illumate’ Part

Noel Schärer holds it down for Powell-Peralta in his latest “Illumate” part, filmed and edited by Anthony Geissbühler. Schärer slides all over the streets of Switzerland, putting his mark on gnarly spots, and sprinkling in some classic flip in, flip out shit for a cherry on top. One thing is clear, Noel has a mean frontside noseslide nollie heel out! Watch Noel’s ‘Illumate’ part, above! Additional Filming by Peter Mader, Stiffla Weber, Ludovic Pugin, and Yves Marchon.

We’ve been working with the Powell Peralta team for a cool minute now. Check out some of our projects with the brand, below!

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