Powell-Peralta’s Team Are Smooth Operators In Latest ‘Raw Clips’

What do the Chino, Crestline, El Sereno, Stoner, and Vista skateparks all have in common? Yes, they’re in California, smartass, but they are also endowed with some of the smoothest riding surfaces known to man. (And, as the greatest private skatepark in the world, we know our smooth riding surfaces.) Powell-Peralta‘s has compiled some footage of their riders at these parks for the brand’s ‘Raw Clips’ series to demonstrate how smooth life can really be, but just remember that on smooth ground even the most microscopic foreign particle will send you flying: the smoother the ground, the harsher the pound.

Check out the video, featuring Charlie Blair, Scott Decenzo, Brad McClain, Vincent Luevanos, Spencer Semien, Dan Corrigan, Chris Hiett, Landon Belcher, Kiko Francisco, Taylor Nye, and Micaiah Furukawa, above, and watch some of our projects with Powell-Peralta over the years, below:

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