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Powell Team Skates the Long Beach DIY with Powell-Peralta Classics

Whoever said you can’t teach an old deck new tricks? The boys from Powell-Peralta would beg to differ as they hit up the Long Beach DIY with with 3 Classic Powell-Peralta Shapes; the McGill Skull & Snake, Vallely Elephant, and Caballero Dragon. While Christopher Hiett relishes in skating classic boards and unique shapes, the rest of the crew doesn’t take long to catch up. Tap in with Zach Doelling, Kilian Martin, Matthew Wilcox, Héricles Fagundes, Victor Garcia, and Christopher Pierre-Jacques skating some OG Classic Powell-Peralta boards in ‘Old Dog, New Tricks,’ filmed by Deville Nunes, above!

Check out some of our work with Powell Peralta, below!

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