Primitive Concludes ‘Behind The Missions’ Series With Raw ‘Encore’ Footage

Primitive released Encore, the brand’s second full-length video, last November and it quickly became one of the best videos of the rapidly closing decade. Two months ago, the brand launched a six-part series highlighting the hard work that their riders—Tiago Lemos, Wade Desarmo, Trent McClung, Franky Villani, Giovanni Vianna, Carlos Ribeiro, Miles SIlvas, and more—put in for this outstanding video. Today’s episode is the sixth, and the series goes out with a bang: 40 minutes raw, uncut, unmastered footage—directed and edited by the video genius (and former Berrics filmer) Alan Hannon. This is a must watch.

Watch some of our work with Primitive over the past few years, below:

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