Primitive Shines Spotlight On Franky Villani In ‘Encore: Behind The Missions’

Primitive released Encore, the brand’s second full-length video, last November and it quickly became one of the best videos of the rapidly closing decade. Among the riders showcased was Franky Villani, who literally made a “splash” with his opener part. The latest episode in Primitive’s ‘Encore: Behind The Missions’ series shines a spotlight on the creative/gnarly pro, taking care to include some insight from his teammates as well. As Wade Desarmo says: “He throws caution to the wind in every sense. His skateboarding: does what he wants. His personal life: does what he wants. He just is who he is, and you can’t change that, that’s Franky.”

Directed and edited, once again, by the video genius (and former Berrics filmer) Alan Hannon.

Watch some of our work with Primitive and Villani over the past few years, below:

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